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CUTE & YOUNG Bath Bombs Gift Set - 6 Vegan, Handmade, All Natural and Organic

Feeling stressed? Looking to relax and a nice hot tub after a long day? Just want to smell good? Well then I have a great product review for you! (click here to read my review disclaimer) 

The Product...

These bath bombs are large in size (6 x 4.2 oz)  and made of all natural and organic ingredients.

They also come in a super cute box to store them so they make for a great gift or look cute displayed in your bathroom

These bath bombs smell AMAZING and make your bath water change colors while making your skin silky to touch 

- Entirely safe for your soft & sensitive skin – gentle and pleasant yet ultra-effective
- Easier alternative to relax your body and get rid of stresses caused by busy/hectic lifestyle
- Dead Sea Salt & Epsom Salt help improve blood circulation and ease muscular pain – though NOT A PANACEA, definitely a great relief
- Detoxifies your skin – thanks to the blend of Essential Oils & Sea Salts which flush away all the toxins
- Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter help nourish & deeply moisturize your skin

With Christmas around the corner this would make a great gift for anyone in your life that loves to take relaxing baths!

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