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WEBSUN Toilet Night Lights

I have another FUN review (click here to read my review disclaimer) for you guys...

The Product

My Thoughts

The product came in a small box so I didn't know what I was to expect. That little box didn't disappoint though 

It's easy to assemble to any size toilet, just adjust and place on the side. Has 16 colors and 2 modes (blue or purple being my fav, green is also nice to the eyes)

Product is motion activated and the colors are bright. (Although once you sit on the toilet if you don't have a thigh gap your bathroom really isn't lit up too much so know where the toilet paper is lol)

More About The Product 

"With build-in LED motion sensor and light sensitive function, it solves all your night time bathroom problems. No more stumbling around in the dark in your bathroom!
The soothing light avoids disturbing your visual and sleep clocks. It lights up in the dark and stays on for 2 minutes which enable you to wash your hands and guide yourself back to the bed."

1. Put In 3x AAA Batteries(Not Included) in the back, then adjust the bendable arm to hook on fairly secure around the toilet bowl.

2. 16 Color Options with 2 Modes: This motion sensor night light can be set to one light or You can hold the button in the front for 3 seconds and it will continuously change colors every after 15 seconds automatically.

3. This toilet bowl light works best if the sensor is facing the door.

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