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5 Rolls Block Tape by SIMPZIA Review

Boy, were my kids excited for this review!! (click here to check my review disclaimer) I won't lie, I was just as excited..who doesn't love legos?!? (Besides when we step on them )

The Product

Self Adhesive Compatible Tape Rolls for Lego Silicone Building Blocks Tape for Lego Toys, with  Safety Scissors     

My Children's (as well as mine) Thoughts    

Mom likes
  • Made of flexible (so ones less thing to step on that your children don't pick up lol), NON-TOXIC silicone! With animals in the home, it's great to know they're 100% kids & PET Safe.          
  • They come with safety scissors so I don't have to worry about them taking off a finger 
  • Definitely some of these for their Christmas gifts
My kids
  • LOVE them! The pack comes with 5 rolls that I split them between the two of them and they both immediately started playing with them. 

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