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MasterGo 8-Inch Classic Chef Knife

The Product

8 Inch Professional Chef Knife

My Thoughts
I am always in the kitchen chopping something up but the knives I have at home are pretty dull. It makes chopping an onion turn into a workout...until this awesome product arrived (click here to read my review disclaimer)  This knife is a must in all homes!
It slices and dices with ease and the ultra sharp blade glides smoothly without slipping, requiring significantly less force – thus making your daily chores hassle-free.
JAPANESE CHEF KNIFE design & optimal thickness of this chefs knife offer the perfect balance between sharpness & strength, durability, and edge retention. Not to mention comes in a beautiful box to store it in.

Product description

Professional Chef’s Knife that’s tested and given a nod of approval by seasoned chefs & is adored by home-cooks – ultra-sharp blade, sturdy build, ergonomic design, and above all a great value for money!
Optimal 2.3 mm thickness – not too thick to be blunt, and not too thin to chip off or break easily
Better edge retention ensures no frequent sharpening is needed
Seamless design with smooth finish not only looks classy & elegant but also proves easy to clean
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