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The Wedding Vendors

It's been a while since I've written a detailed tip post. In light of my recent wedding/honeymoon, I thought I'd offer up some great tips/vendors. Maybe something in this post will spark interest and even if some of these aren't local, if you like the ideas they can be found in your city, I'm sure. 

We had originally planned a large church wedding but decided to downsize to immediate family. We found a beautiful park located on the water for a great price called BASF Waterfront Park. I'm linking to this because I found this gem browsing comments on the website The Knot. The location had a path to be used as an isle and great spots for pictures (see picture above). Even if you aren't getting married in the park, it would be a great place to stop for pre-ceremony pics. The park is located in Wyandotte, MI.

My photographer was AMAZING! I'm sure everyone says this but mine really was. He was very reasonably priced when I contacted him for the large wedding. When I downsized he was more than accommodating and still gave me a great price. I had changed venue locations a few times and each time he rolled with the punches and when I changed the date, we were able to work it into his schedule. I went with Bob from Arpee Photography and was not disappointed. I promise you won't find a better deal anywhere else. 

My hair color was done by someone new and I LOVED the outcome. I showed Sarah at Aubrey Beauty Salon what I was looking for and man did she deliver. I was a nervous wreck going to see her due to the dramatic change I was going for.  


For Hair and Makeup, I contacted Sylvia with Bridal Beauty Detroit 
(on location). Sylvia did a fantastic job at keeping in contact and replying to any questions I had. I had sent an email to the bridesmaids and told them if they didn't like how their hair/makeup was going to shoot me a look but it was all smiles after seeing the work these women do! Two of my bridesmaids are pregnant and her team made everyone feel like the beautiful princesses they are.

One of my scheduled appts decided to go with weave and not use her appt so they let my daughter take it. Made her feel special too :) I had also bought a few packs of extensions but my hair looked amazing and I didnt have to use them. 

Next, on the list, we had to find someone to marry us so we headed to a site called Wedding Wire and booked Rev Earl R Bolam. Earl was great at keeping in contact and explaining detail for detail what the day would be like. He even met us for a walk through a few days beforehand. On top of it all, he provides a dinner blessing and prayer candle for members who have passed. (FYI: he also plays Santa)

When we downsized to the park one of the rules was no amplified music so we headed to a site called Gigsalad where we booked a beautiful violinist. Florina had a list of songs for you to choose from and played them beautifully. My wedding party walked to I'll Be There by Michael Jackson and I walked to All Of Me by John Legend. 

The last vendor I'd like to present is not from the Metro-Detroit area...she is an AMAZING Airbnb Host in LAS VEGAS! My husband and I stayed in North Las Vegas about 20/30mins from the strip at a beautiful home with a SUPER host named Dotty. She was on point and set the bar high because she was the first host/Airbnb we've had. Dotty has EVERYTHING you will need to have a comfortable stay and her prices were great. If you're traveling to the Vegas area DO NOT stay in a hotel and pay the high prices. Dotty even has an Infinity pool at her "little oasis." I can't say enough good things about her and her home. 

just in case you want to book in the future, her home now offers more than one room available to rent! It also offers a queen and twin sized luxury air mattresses for any extra (up to 4 if you include the couch) guests you may have past 2 guests in each room. So, in her home in total can sleep up to 8 guests comfortably.  Here is the link to the rooms to make it easier for you, family members, coworkers, or friends to find and book. Simply click the links and share them with whoever you would like so that your loved ones can experience a great vacation too! 

For more info on any of these vendors feel free to contact me. I've linked all their business and/or Facebook pages.