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How To Become A Blog Influencer (Part 1)

The number 1 question I get from people when I post reviews is, "how do you start?" so I figured it'd be easier to write a post that I can refer people to when needed. This post will be filled with tips on the way "I" did it. Maybe you know others and they did it another way, that's cool too. This is just things that worked/are working for me. This will have to be done in 2 parts due to the amount of information. I dont want anyone to get overwhelmed b/c it really isn't that hard.

1. Make a blog and start writing. Whether you are a stay at home mom dealing with five kids or a single gal, going on date night every week, there's a spot in the blog community for everyone. I went with blogging about my kids and their father whom I was married to. He was a little lazy and it made for funny post when combined with stories of what it was like having kids 11 months apart and under the age of 4.

The point of the blog is to engage readers, build a following and maybe even make a couple friends while doing it. Post your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, in peoples comments..anywhere you can find a reason; because them "hits" on your site bring your score, that potential companies use, up. (I'll get back to the score later)

Tips... dont try too hard. Let the story flow as it would if you and your friends were having coffee and discussing it. USE humor, everyone likes funny people and who doesn't like to smile. Go with what feels natural to you, after all it is your blog. Use over Wordpress unless you know how to do coding.

For me, I was a fan of Myspace because of the option to design the layout. I believe the style of the blog is important and a good blog layout will help "keep the readers" on your site and clicking other post. Before posting your blog to the public, have at least 5 blog post to make your blog look a little established and to give readers a little more to read if they decide to look around.

I wont lie, step one is time consuming not only because of designing but you have to put in the time to be able to create a following. Less you're Kim Kardashian, people wont "just come to you", you're going to have to go and get them. (But it will allll be worth it)

2. Create accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. These do not have to be personal accounts. I use them all as personal but keeping up with that many social media accounts, a blog, kids, school and life is overwhelming. You need these accounts for a review site, I'll tell you about later.

All of these things are going to tie you as an "influencer" together. Once these sites are connected to one another, companies can create a score, or "reach," meaning they can get an idea of the number of people you can reach with a post. The more followers, the bigger and better the review. This step is the most important and effects everything. 

3. Read the laws. Yes there are rules/guidelines to this. I'll post a link but please do your research. I keep a disclaimer on my page and link all review post to it.

**I'll work on the next steps and edit this post to link it when they're finished.