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Randemfy Upgraded Adjustable Pet Vehicle Seatbelts

I was telling my husband the other day how we needed to get the dogs some seatbelts so they can't try and climb up to the front seat; so when I received this review (review disclaimer) I was stoked! Although I have 2 strong dogs, so I was a little skeptical if these would work good for us or not. 

The Product

Randemfy Upgraded Adjustable Pet Vehicle Seatbelts

I will say Nova was not as excited as myself because she realized she could no longer join me in the front seat. She refused to look at me for a picture. 


I on the other hand fell in love with this product. The belts were made of high quality fabric and didnt feel flimsy like they would easily snap, fit perfectly in the car clips and adjust in length. 

The belt easily adjusted to my pets harness as well. It's recommend you make sure the belts are compatible with your vehicle before ordering. 

***adjusted within a range from 20.5 to 33 inches
**The tab on the seatbelt clip is 0.83 inch in width

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