MAANGE Eyelashes

It's been a minute since I've done a review (click to read my disclaimer) but since I've graduated it was the perfect time to give MAANGE Eyelashes a try

  • 10 Styles to Choose: 10 pairs handmade eyelashes in 10 different styles for you to choose from. 

  • Soft Material: The eyelashes are super thin and made with cruelty-free synthetic fiber.  I would recommend them for special occasions unless you are used to wearing lashes. 

  • Superior Quality: MAANGE 3D false eyelashes are reusable and durable with careful and proper use.

  • Easy to Use: Set of lash tweezers to help you wear and remove. Easy enough for a beginner to use. 

 1.Take out the false eyelashes from the box and pinch the ends to bend into the shape of the eyelids. 2.Put the eyelashes on top of the eyes, and trim the size of the false eyelashes according to the length of your eyes with eyebrow scissors . 
3.Apply glue to the false eyelashes evenly with a glue pen. 
4.Hold the middle part of the eyelashes with small pliers, gently place them on the root of the original eyelashes, and stick them in the order of the middle → eye tail → eye corner. 
5.The beginner can cut the false eyelashes into three segments, and then paste them from the end of the eye to the middle → the corners of the eyes.
 6.Press gently the false eyelashes with the tweezers to fix them. 

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